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Branded Titles

Branded Title Vehicles

Our Branded Title Vehicles are sold at insurance auctions and repaired in our trusted model specific rebuilders and at our own facility. At TJ Chapman Auto, we only select vehicles that meet our stringent quality & safety standards. Even after our vehicles arrive at our lot, we put them once again through a rigorous inspection process including a 150-Point Inspection and a Safety test. Our vehicles are ensured to be brought back to factory specifications and standards prior to being sold, or even test-driven.

Salvage Title vs.

salvage title indicates that the vehicle has encountered some sort of incident due to theft, hail damage, collision or water recovery. Most insurance agencies, as well will not insure a salvage title. A salvage title vehicle cannot be financed. In the state of Utah, it is illegal to drive a salvage title vehicle on the road.

Rebuilt Title

A rebuilt title starts as a salvage title. At TJ Chapman Auto we buy salvage title vehicles from our most trusted rebuilders and ensure that they are properly imported to Utah’s legal standards. In the state of Utah it is only considered rebuilt after it has passed the state safety inspection requirements.


  • Cannot insure “salvage” title vehicles in the state of Utah
  • No financing available


  • Can insure anywhere in the country
  • Flexible financing available

Why purchase a Branded Vehicle from TJ Chapman Auto?

  • You can finance and insure branded title vehicles
  • You can save $2000 to over $10,000+ depending on the vehicle you choose
  • You can purchase extended service contracts to bring your peace of mind on your vehicle
  • You lose less money while your vehicle depreciates over time, simply because you purchased it at such deep discounts
  • Our transparency guarantee ensures you know the history of the vehicle you are buying so you feel confidant you are making a great purchase
  • The vehicle is at a higher quality & safety standard than most used vehicles on the road. All our vehicles pass 150 point inspection by ASE certified mechanic