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Can I get Insurance for a car with a branded title?

Yes! Absolutely. After owning and selling branded title vehicles to family, friends, and valued customers, we are aware of only a few insurance companies that will not fully insure branded title vehicles. An insurance companies primary concern is knowing that every vehicle is safe and roadworthy. TJ Chapman Auto vehicles have been through a rigorous 150-Point Inspection and a state certified safety inspection, which will easily meet their criteria.

What is a branded title?

A “branded title” is an umbrella term for either a salvage or rebuilt/restored title vehicle.

A salvage title vehicle is sold through an insurance auction for a variety of reasons, such as theft recovery, hail damage, collision, water recovery or manufacturer buyback. Insurance companies opt to write off losses for a variety of reasons.

The designation of salvage title on a vehicle can mean different things in different states. In the state of Utah a salvage title vehicle is not legal to drive. It must pass a safety inspection through the state, then the title is changed to a rebuilt/restored status.

Rebuit/restored vehicles can be insured and financed.

What is a your Transparency Guarantee?

At TJ Chapman Auto we have a unique business model selling rebuilt/restored title vehicles. Our policy is to give you the information you need to make a good purchase on your vehicle. We encourage you to come test drive several of our cars, and let our professional staff share the information and history of our inventory, by reviewing the car fax and before pictures when they are available. TJ’s background in auto body repair provides extra insurance that the vehicles he hand selects pass his high expectations.

For out of state buyers we can use FaceTime or shoot a video for you. We will go out of our way to earn your confidence that you are buying the best vehicle at the best price across the nation.

What if my branded title vehicle has a manufacturer recall?

Manufacturer recalls are covered for all branded title vehicles.

Do your cars come with a manufacturer warranty?

The manufactur warranty is void, however we have extended service contracts to bring you peace of mind. We work closely with extended coverage partners to ensure incredible customer service, competitive pricing and responsive solutions when purchasing your vehicle.